3 Ways to Donate Your Zakat To Kidney Treatment In Nigeria

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nigeria has one of the highest rates of kidney disease in the world. Approximately 36 million people are affected by chronic kidney disease, with nearly 100,000 new cases each year.The cost of kidney treatment can be overwhelming for many families in the country. However, you have the power to make a difference and support kidney treatment in Nigeria. One effective way is by donating with Zakat, a charitable act that can impact the lives of many.

Some details of the statistics of kidney failure in Nigeria will be highlighted and we will discuss three impactful ways to support kidney treatment, through zakat donations.

The Alarming Kidney Failure Statistics in Nigeria

According to the Nigerian Association of Nephrology, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Nigeria is estimated to be around 20% of the adult population. This translates to millions of Nigerians suffering from kidney-related issues.

Kidney treatment is not only emotionally taxing but also financially crippling for most Nigerians. Dialysis and kidney transplantation are the two primary treatment options, and both are expensive:

Dialysis: A typical dialysis session costs around 20,000 to 30,000 Naira, and most patients require multiple sessions per week. This cost is beyond the means of many Nigerian families.

Kidney Transplantation: Kidney transplantation is the ultimate solution, but it is also costly, with the surgery alone costing millions of Naira. Additionally, post-transplant medications are needed for life, making it an ongoing financial commitment

3 ways to Support Kidney Treatment in Nigeria

Here are three ways you can support kidney treatment in Nigeria with zakat donations:

1. Donate to Kidney Dialysis Centers

Donating to kidney dialysis centers is a direct and impactful way to make a difference. Your zakat donations can help cover the cost of dialysis sessions for those in need. Consider contributing to local kidney treatment centers or organizations that work to support kidney patients. To quote the Hadith:

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”


Every act of kindness counts, and your Zakat can bring relief and hope to those suffering from kidney diseases in Nigeria.

2. Support Medical Initiatives:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“The merciful are shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Show mercy to those on the earth, and the One above the heavens will show mercy to you.”


When it comes to kidney treatment in Nigeria, your Zakat can be directed towards funding medical initiatives. These initiatives can provide access to dialysis, transplants, and other life-saving treatments for those who cannot afford them. By supporting such programs, you become a source of mercy to those in dire need of healthcare.

3. Organize Fundraising Campaigns:

You can take the initiative and organize fundraising campaigns aimed at supporting kidney treatment. Organize events like charity runs, walks, or community fundraisers to raise funds for kidney dialysis centers or individuals in need of treatment, simultaneously spreading awareness about kidney disease in Nigeria. Register for early access on www.Fundawise.com, a dependable crowdfunding platform that can assist you in efficiently organizing and managing your campaigns, allowing you to reach a wider audience and create a more substantial impact.These events not only raise money but also create awareness about kidney disease in Nigeria.


The surge of kidney disease in Nigeria demands immediate action. By donating with Zakat, you have the power to impact the lives of millions affected by this devastating condition. Together, through the power of Zakat, we can support kidney treatment, save lives, and bring about a positive change in Nigeria’s healthcare system. Take action today and register with Fundawise for early access to make a difference.

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